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EKIPO is a new brand with a promising philosophy

Once upon a time two friends met each other on a Davis Cup final in Zagreb. Croatia vs Argentina. The stadium was full of crowd. Half of it was blue and white, another was squery as a flag of croatia. It was great tie! Very emotional.

The only one question was - why do the tennis fans wear the t-shirts of football players, to indicate their favorite teams!

This was the question and a key point for the ukrainian designer Konstantin Ponomaryov, who challenged himself to create the new fashion for tennis fans.

The EKIPO POLO, or EKIPOLO, got it's life.

Show your country's or your team colors at the stands of different stadiums, at your office, at clubs and pubs, where you could easily find the people with different colors but the same hobby - supporting their teams, players, friends and colleagues.

People, who will create the international fan's club, wearing EKIPO, sharing their ideas, spiritual power and positive view on life.

The colors of EKIPO are always worm and bright, like it's designer Konstantin Ponomaryov.